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The New River Youth Symphony is home to many young musicians who delight in beautiful music and relish playing together.



The New River Youth Chorus enjoys a wide variety of music that is fun to sing - folk songs, classical songs, holiday songs, and artsy songs.


Beginner Chorus

The Beginner Chorus is a great place for young singers to learn how to sing together and be prepared to perform in front of an audience.


Who We Are


Southern West Virginia is home to many serious young musicians, who dedicate their time and passion to practicing and performing music. Young instrumentalists and vocalists enjoy the opportunity to make music together and perform in the New River Youth Symphony and Chorus (NRYSC). Our directors are gifted musicians and respected educators who share their passion for music with the students and inspire them to pursue excellence.



Mission and Goals


  •  Inspiring young people to strive for excellence
  •  Promoting cooperation and leadership
  •  Developing musicianship
  •  Improving technical skill
  •  Understanding music in relation to culture and history


Contact Info

P.O. Box 177, Fayetteville, WV 25840  •  304-619-5971  •

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