In June 2006 our first rehearsal took place, with 14 students in the Symphony. Six months later, at our December 2006 Winter Concert, 30 students performed in the Symphony and 27 students in the Chorus.

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus is here today because of the need in Southern West Virginia for a place where talented young people can learn and grow under the direction of professional musicians who have a personal commitment to excellence.

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus is a 501(c)(3)-approved, tax- exempt organization, which means contributions and gifts are tax deductible.


A list of the concerts that the New River Youth Symphony & Chorus has done can be found here.

Our Directors

William Bailey, the conductor of the New River Youth Symphony, has many years of experience in working with young people in the public schools. His artistic leadership enables the students to take on challenging music and play with confidence. Mr. Bailey received a master’s degree in music education from the University of Northern Colorado, where he studied trumpet under Mr. Bill Pfund. He enjoys arranging and composing and has performed in various orchestras, jazz ensembles, and brass ensembles.

Savannah Peters is the young and energetic leader of the New River Youth Chorus. Savannah learned vocal technique during her seven years in the Nicolas County Girls Choir, directed by Amy Hypes, and she has also had private voice instruction. She has taught choir at Coda Mountain Academy for three years. Savannah is passionate about Chorus because it not only teaches teamwork, but also brings together a beautiful community of diverse souls that love to sing.

Perri Kiser is shepherding the Emerging Strings. She is a graduate of Liberty University. Perri is an accomplished performer on cello and violin, and she teaches private lessons in violin, viola, and cello.

Lauren Floyd directs the Beginner Chorus. Her lively manner and bright smile engage the little children and provide a warm and spunky atmosphere to the Beginner Chorus rehearsals.  She has studied music since she was eight years old and has trained under Neil McLaren in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Lauren believes in building a love for music early and offers rhythm and note-reading in her classes.  She lives in Beckley with her two children, Emma and Jonny.

Our Board of Directors

Serving on our Board of Directors are our music directors - William Bailey, Savannah Peters, Perri Kiser, and Lauren Floyd.  The officers are Lauren Floyd, President, and Kathy Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer.  Additionally, Crystal Bennett serves on the Board as Marketing Director.

Weekly Rehearsals

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus meet for back-to-back rehearsals on the same night of the week, in order to allow students the opportunity to participate in both groups without conflict and with a commitment of only one night per week. For spring season 2021, there will be no Beginner Chorus nor Youth Chorus because of Covid-19.

There are two seasons during the year. The fall season is September through early December. The spring season is March through May.  There are no rehearsals during the winter months, in order to avoid icy road conditions. At the conclusion of each season, concerts are held in locations throughout Southern West Virginia.

New students may audition at the beginning of any season.


Contact Info

P.O. Box 177, Fayetteville, WV 25840  •  304-923-9622  •  newrivermusic@gmail.com

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