The Director of the New River Beginner Chorus is Lauren Floyd.  This group is a starter door into the New River Youth Chorus.  As students learn to sing in a group and work together, they will graduate to the older group.  The Beginner Chorus is designed to be fun and friendly to younger ages.  Songs with sign language are often included in the program.

The New River Youth Chorus is a fantastic place to sing with other young people, to learn how to blend, how to harmonize, and how to sing in a choir.  The students enjoy the beat of ethnic music from around the world with djembes, maracas, and other African / Latin instruments accompanying.  Sometimes a violin or flute will interweave with the voices for a ballad or holiday song.  Some of the pieces are sung in other languages, like French or Swahili.

Chorus is an excellent place for students develop their vocal technique and to experience the camaraderie of a group who enjoy performing together.

The New River Youth Symphony is conducted by William Bailey, and he chooses concert literature from the great composers, like Brahms, Copland, Rimski-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and Verdi.  Occasionally, a jazz piece is on the program, and at the December concert, there are usually several holiday favorites.

The Symphony students are a mixture of public school, private school, and homeschooled students from various counties in Southern West Virginia.  They all share a love of music and performing together.  Since this is a full orchestra, woodwinds, brass, and percussion students are welcome, as well as those who play violin, viola, cello, or bass.


In June 2006 our first rehearsal took place, with 14 students in the Symphony. Six months later, at our December 2006 Winter Concert, 30 students performed in the Symphony and 27 students in the Chorus.

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus is here today because of the need in Southern West Virginia for a place where talented young people can learn and grow under the direction of professional musicians who have a personal commitment to excellence.

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus is a 501(c)(3)-approved, tax- exempt organization, which means contributions and gifts are tax deductible.


A list of the concerts that the New River Youth Symphony & Chorus has done can be found here.

Our Directors

William Bailey, the conductor of the New River Youth Symphony, has many years of experience in working with young people in the public schools. His artistic leadership enables the students to take on challenging music and play with confidence. Mr. Bailey received a master’s degree in music education from the University of Northern Colorado, where he studied trumpet under Mr. Bill Pfund. He enjoys arranging and composing and has performed in various orchestras, jazz ensembles, and brass ensembles.

Timothy Bailey is the young and energetic leader of the New River Youth Chorus. Tim is a public-school music teacher, and his enthusiasm and love for music are contagious. Tim completed his undergraduate studies at Morehead State University in Kentucky, where he studied under Dr. Richard Miles. Tim lives in Fayetteville with his lovely wife, Becky, and two young, rambunctious boys, Caleb and Levi.

Jessi Taylor directs the Emerging Strings. Jessi Taylor's life has been immersed in music since the age of nine. In 2016, she began an apprenticeship under Dianne Adkins, toward becoming a string teacher. Jessi loves to teach violin, coach music, and watch minds grow.


Lauren Floyd directs the Beginner Chorus. Her lively manner and bright smile engage the little children and provide a warm and spunky atmosphere to the Beginner Chorus rehearsals.  She has studied music since she was eight years old and has trained under Neil McLaren in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Lauren believes in building a love for music early and offers rhythm and note-reading in her classes.  She lives in Beckley with her two children, Emma and Jonny.

Our Board of Directors

Serving on our Board of Directors are our music directors - Timothy Bailey, William Bailey, Lauren Floyd, and Jessi Taylor.  The officers are Lauren Floyd, President, and Kathy Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer.  Additional board members include Crystal Bennett, Marketing Director, and Savannah Peters, Member-At-Large.

Weekly Rehearsals

The New River Youth Symphony and Chorus meet for back-to-back rehearsals on the same night of the week, in order to allow students the opportunity to participate in both groups without conflict and with a commitment of only one night per week.

There are two seasons during the year. The fall season is September through early December. The spring season is March through May.  There are no rehearsals during the winter months, in order to avoid icy road conditions. At the conclusion of each season, concerts are held in locations throughout Southern West Virginia.

New students may audition at the beginning of any season.


Contact Info

P.O. Box 177, Fayetteville, WV 25840  •  304-923-9622  •

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